A person working on an industrial machine

Propane: The Cleaner Alternative Fuel

February is expected to be one of the coldest month’s that we have seen this winter, meaning that individuals and businesses will be looking to invest in alternative fuels, such as propane, for personal and professional use. Propane, one of the cleanest burning fuels available to consumers, is quickly becoming a popular alternative to gasoline, diesel, oil and coal. With greenhouse gas emissions becoming even more of a concern, propane use is increasing across the nation. Currently, 11 million cubic meters of propane are being produced each year, and this number is only going to increase as more and more people recognize the benefits of propane.

Currently, propane is used in several industries across Canada and for several different purposes. Propane is being used to heat construction areas, power forklifts, and manufacture plastic materials, just to name a few. Also, propane is one of the most cost-effective fuels; an attractive feature for individuals and business owners as oil and gas prices continue to rise in 2017.

Although propane is proving to be one of the best fuels to use as it does not pose a significant threat to the environment in the event of a leak or accidental exposure, it can pose potential issues for consumers if not stored and handled properly. The Canadian Propane Association requires those who are working with propane tanks, connections, heaters, and torches to have a valid Record of Training. There are several cases where people have either been injured or killed due to the improper use and handling of propane, and that needs to change in 2017.

If your business is considering making the switch to propane, ensure that all employees receive the proper training. At Safety First Training, we can provide you with the mandatory training required by the Canadian Propane Association. Contact us today for more information.