A danger sign with an image of a man wearing sunglasses.

Preventing Eye Injuries

Did you know that that approx 700 Canadian workers experience an eye injury every day? Although a lot of these injuries involve small pieces hitting the eye, some do result in serious eye damage, sometimes permanent vision loss. If the proper protection is worn, these accidents can be avoided.
Here are the 5 most efficient types of equipment to help prevent eye injuries.

1. Full Face Respirators– A full face respirator is one of the best forms of protection from chemicals, dust and smoke. The only downside to full face respirators is that they cannot seal correctly over your standard size safety goggles. If you wear glasses, ensure you receive prescription inserts that are fully compatible with your specific respirator. (click here for mask fit testing training)

2. Face Shields
– The best use of a face shield is for protection against blood borne hazards, chemical hazards and high impact hazards. Some shields come with a metal coating for heat protection and you should wear the safety goggles underneath.

3. Safety Goggles– Selecting the proper safety goggles for your job is very important. You should look for goggles with ample airflow capabilities, maximum splash protection and little fogging.

4. Welding Eye Protection
– If you work in the welding field, you should always wear safety goggles or glasses underneath welding helmets/ face shields (for additional protection).

5. General Safety Glasses
– If you are exposed to dust and flying particles, this is your ideal eye protection. You must ensure that your safety goggles feature anti fogging capabilities and side protection. If you needed additional protection, wear safety goggles that have rubber around the lenses to help keep debris from going into your eyes.