Online Safety Training Courses

Online Safety Training Courses

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Train at work or at home 24 hrs/7 days/week
Less work hours missed vs onsite training
Printable completion certificates
Online course tracking
$0 setup fees, $0 monthly fees and free reporting


Free tutorial
Account set up details
Step by step instructions
Unlimited tech support


For over 25 years, Safety First Training Ltd. has been leading the way in providing dedicated health and safety training for the workplace. We offer the largest library of online safety training courses in Canada with over 700 programs to meet all of your safety training requirements!

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Here are 7 reasons why Online Training may be a good fit for you.

1. No need to own, maintain or store specific training equipment.
As long as your employees have access to a computer and internet, they should be able to take any online course required for their job.

2. Allows for offsite learning.
Employees can learn at home, at a library or even a local coffee shop! As long as they have internet access they are good to go.

3. Easier to monitor progress.
With our online training, the manager has access to see who has completed their course and who has not.

4. Reduces travel expenses.
No need to drive, carpool or bus into work in order to complete online training.

5. Go green! Less paper needs to be used.
Each employee will receive an individual code to sign into their test. All they need is a computer with internet access.

6. Employee productivity will go up.
Employees could finish their online training before or after their shift. This means more time to be productive in the workplace with less work hours missed.

7. Reduced need for classroom sessions.
Because each individual will receive a login, they can complete the course on their own time instead of sitting in a classroom and being non-productive in the workplace.