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Online Safety Training

Online Safety Training FAQ’s

1. What are some of the benefits of conducting online safety training courses for my employees?

-          There is no need to purchase outdated training software or specific classroom training equipment. Providing your employees have access to a computer and internet, they should be able to take any online course required for their job.

-          Allows for offsite learning where employees can learn at home, at a library or even a local coffee shop! Providing they have internet access they are good to go.

-          With online training it is easier to monitor progress as the manager has access to see who has completed their course and who has not.

-          Travel expenses will be reduced as there is no need for employees to drive, carpool or bus into work in order to complete their training.

-        Go green! Less paper needs to be used

-        Workplace productivity will increase as employees can complete their online training before or after their shift. This means more time to be productive in the workplace with less work hours missed.

-        There is a reduced need for classroom sessions as each individual will receive a unique login and they can complete the course on their own time instead of sitting in a classroom and being non-productive in the workplace.

2. How many online safety training courses are available?

Canada’s largest selection of online safety training courses offers access to over 1,000 online safety training programs that support safety and compliance in the workplace.

3. What if I need help with online training, registration or payments?

Free, unlimited technical support is available for any inquires.

4. Can the course certificates be printed upon completion of the online safety training course?

Yes, the certificates are created as PDF’s and can be saved or printed when the online course is completed. Both a wallet card and wall-sized certificate are generated automatically.

5. How do I register & pay for online safety training courses?

Our site can accept payment anytime and you can make secure payments anytime via credit card. Your online course will be available immediately following payment.

6. Is there a tutorial to show how to purchase online safety training courses for groups of people?

Yes, this video will show all necessary steps to help purchase and administer courses for others.

7. Can I take the online safety training courses on any device?

Yes, you can take the online safety training courses on any internet enabled device, such as desktops, laptops, tablets or smart phones.

 Online Safety Training FAQ’s