A candle with the words " day of mourning april 2 8 ".

National Day of Mourning

Today is our National Day of Mourning. We use this day to pay respects to the thousands of workers who lost their lives as a result of a work related incidents. We also honour the families whose lives have been altered so drastically by these tragedies.

Traditionally on April 28th the Canadian flag has flown at half-mast on Parliament Hill and on all federal government buildings. Employers and workers have observed Day of Mourning in a variety of ways over the years. Some have lit candles, laid wreaths, worn commemorative pins, ribbons or black armbands, and paused for a moment of silence.

We we encourage organizations, communities, and individuals to consider holding or supporting an event, or simply pause at 11:00 am on April 28 for a moment of silence. These acts of remembrance help to honour the lives lost or injured due to workplace tragedy, while also acknowledging the sacrifices of frontline and essential workers who have died or become ill serving during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Every worker around the world has a right to arrive home safe and sound. With employers, workers and Health & Safety Partners working together we can help to prevent death and injury before it happens. Click here to learn more about National Day of Mourning.

The Ministry of Labour has also released a statement regarding National Day of Mourning. Click here for more information.