A man wearing a respirator and ear muffs.

Respirator Mask Fit Testing

Why Is Mask Fit Testing Essential?
When it comes to healthcare workers, it is essential to use respirators in the safest way to keep respiratory diseases at bay. As per the guidelines of OHSA, all healthcare facilities have to undergo mask fit testing so that everything is up to code.
Respirator Mask Fit Testing is needed whenever changes are seen in the physical condition of the employees. Whenever there are changes, the respirator fit registers an impact. Hence, proper type of respirator needs to be worn. After the testing, it is decided whether one has to wear a tight-fitting one or a new model.
Many a times, it is recommended to wear N95 respirator. However, whenever there is outbreak of a disease, the type changes. For example, during Covid-19, this became vital. Also, the type depends on the resources and time being used.
As per mask fit testing, a confirmation is given that the respirator is tightly sealed on the face of the user, before it is being applied to the workplace. Hence, this gives total assurance of protection. Workers are totally satisfied because there is no leakage of the contaminant in the face.
When the fit of the respirator is not proper, the air that is taken in bypasses the filter of the respirator and it gets entry into the airstream. Hence, the seal of the respirator should always be checked.
When the seal is broken, the pathogens impact the breathing patterns. Hence, it is extremely essential to have a good fit. Even if the work involves a short time duration, the respirator should be worn correctly. When there is no exposure to pathogens, one stays protected. So, the logic is very simple, if the seal is not proper, the protection would never be proper.
As per OHSA, fit testing is very much necessary; especially when there are big disease outbreaks like Covid-19. With fit testing, supplies can be saved and a lot of time can be saved too.
All necessary steps need to be taken so that fit testing can be done properly in accordance with OHSA.
Mainly, there are 2 ways of testing; 1 is qualitative and other is quantitative. The respirator’s effectiveness is measured by quantitative fit test. On the other hand, test agents are detected with qualitative tests.
No matter which test is taken, it becomes successful only after the respirator size and model is known. This differs from situation to situation. Even the one who carries out this test should be very proficient and trained in their job. Please contact us for more information: https://safetyfirsttraining.ca/