A man in yellow hard hat climbing up an orange ladder.

Ladder Safety Training

Ladder Safety Training:

Using a ladder correctly can help make a job easier, but using it incorrectly can make a job more dangerous. Falls, broken bones or head injuries are some common results of improper ladder use. Step up to ladder safety by following these tips:

1. When working near a live electrical conductor, do not use a wire enforced wood ladder or a metal ladder.

2. Always position the ladder correctly. Poor positioning can result in serious injury.

3. Inspect the ladder for defects before using it. If there is a problem, take it out of service and clearly tag it as “do not useâ€.

4. Use both hands to climb the ladder. If you have tools to bring up with you, use a tool belt.

5. Use the correct ladder for the task at hand. This includes ensuring it is the right height and constructed with the correct material for the job.

6. Every ladder comes with recommended use by the manufacturer. Ensure you do not use the ladder for any other purpose other than the recommended one.

7. Be aware the load limit for the ladder and do not exceed it.

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