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Forklift Safety: Load Lifting Tips

Forklift Safety: Load Lifting Tips

What’s so difficult about using a forklift?

Operating a forklift may seem like an easy, simple thing to do, but if not done properly, significant injuries and damage can occur. If you are not properly trained to operate a forklift, you are exposing yourself and others to significant and unnecessary risk.

Below are some helpful tips that you should always be aware of before you operate a forklift:

Confirm that the load you are picking up is within the capacity rating of the machine you are operating.

If unsure of the weight of the load you are picking up, you must consult a supervisor to confirm.

Confirm the weight on the pallet is evenly distributed. If it isn’t, the pallet load must be re-positioned before lifting with the forklift.

If you must lift a load that is unbalanced, always make sure that the heaviest end is against the heel of the forks.

Always check the condition of the pallet before lifting it. A pallet in poor condition can cause the load to collapse. If you see a damaged pallet, remove the load and reload it on a different pallet, then remove the damaged pallet from service.

If you are moving bagged goods by pallet, the bags must be cross stacked and stepped, if not, the load will more than likely fall off the pallet during lifting or transport.

If you have a large load that prevents you from seeing your direction of travel, you must travel in reverse and/or have another person guiding you for the entire time of travel.

Always think about the end destination of your load before you pick it up. Sometimes a convenient load position for pickup may not be a convenient position at the end destination.

Do not attempt to lift or carry more than one loaded pallet at a time.

Always use a load backrest extension when you are required to lift or carry loads that are higher than normal.

Confirm that the front forks are opened wide enough to ensure load stability and that here is enough room under the load to allow forks to be pushed underneath.

If you have any questions regarding forklift safety training for your employees, please contact us, we can help.

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