Forklift Operator Training in Ontario

Forklift Operator Safety Training


A forklift is a powerful machine that is used to move or lift various loads in a workplace. While it may appear to be simple to operate, a forklift can serious or fatal injuries if the operator is not properly trained on how to use the equipment safely.

Forklift Operator Safety Training is a requirement of the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) of Ontario. This Act requires every forklift operator to receive proper training and evaluation prior to operating a forklift. The CSA Safety Standard for Lift Trucks (B335-15) identifies the knowledge, practical skills and evaluation requirements needed by lift truck operators. The practical evaluation of the forklift operator training course requires operators to demonstrate competency skill level equal or greater to the industry accepted measurements.

Training is required to properly operate the equipment controls and knowledge to maintain stability which provides the foundation for safe forklift operation. Incidents such as collisions, tip-over crashes can occur in any industry and are often caused by improper or careless forklift use. Most incidents can be avoided by conducting proper forklift operator safety training which creates skilled, responsible, and alert operators.

The Forklift Operator Safety Training program provided by Safety First Training helps satisfy the training requirement of the OHSA and the Ontario Ministry of Labour. This program is designed to help learners inspect and operate a forklift in a safe way while protecting themselves and their co-workers from any potential hazards that may occur from their use. This program is excellent for useful new forklift operators or as a refresher training to experienced operators. Forklift Operator Safety Training is required to be renewed every 3 years in Ontario.

Forklift Training covers the following topics:

  • OHSA in the workplace
  • Responsibilities of the workers, supervisors and employers
  • Forklift Training Certification Safety Video
  • Identify various types of forklifts
  • Pre-operational checks
  • Inspection, maintenance, and records
  • Lift capacity and load limitations
  • Fuel safety for both electric and propane equipment
  • Safe operating procedures

After successful completion of this Training program, operators will be able to:

  • Identify various types of forklifts and their controls
  • Understand center of gravity and stability triangle concepts
  • How to perform a pre-use inspection
  • How to safely operate a forklift
  • Recognize hazardous situations and how to avoid them
  • Safe refuelling
  • Understand when maintenance is required

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