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Workplace Harassment Prevention

Workplace harassment is a major concern that creates a difficult work environment for the targeted people. There are anti-discrimination laws which focus on solving harassment and discriminatory practices. However, the legal measures don’t often put an end to workplace harassment. It is very difficult to deal with a hostile work environment. In order to prevent harassment in workplace, employers have to give proper workplace harassment prevention training for employees.

Conduct training and awareness programs at workplace 

All employees should have proper understanding of anti-harassment policy in a workplace. They need to know how to deal with harassment and how it can be reported. The management has to give continuous training to employees and make it mandatory for all people. The training should be scheduled on a regular basis to keep the awareness at high levels. It is necessary to make staffs understand what makes acceptable as well as unacceptable behavior at workplace. Best training programs also teach employees how to identify sexual harassment and report indecent behavior.

Implement an anti-harassment policy with zero-tolerance

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Every business has to work with the HR department to design and implement a well-thought out and easily comprehensible anti-workplace discrimination and harassment policy that is applicable to all staffs. Advice needs to be sought from legal experts to make sure that the policy meets all rules and regulations.

Develop a positive culture

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Business owners and managers have to focus on developing a positive culture in their organizations that does not foster workplace harassment. Everyone including directors, managers, and employees must behave in a professional way at all times. This type of a workplace culture does not entertain any offensive actions or remarks that hurt others. It is always advisable to give charge to some people for overseeing the actions of the employees. This approach ensures a workplace devoid of harassment.

Take action immediately when a case of harassment is reported

This is a very significant step. Business owners have to act instantly to examine harassment complaints. When a strong action is taken immediately, it is a clear message to others not to emulate wrong deeds. If an employer keeps on postponing without taking an action, developing a positive workplace culture becomes a difficult task. Investigation should be done and action should be taken without any delay. During the training sessions, employees must be reminded of the cooperation to be extended while examining a case.

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The employee handbook must clearly convey the company’s stand on workplace harassment. The policy statements should be revised in a timely manner. Business owners have to make sure that they stay consistent with employment laws.

Workplace harassment is a menace that needs to be eliminated as soon as possible to create a safe workplace environment. The employer as well as the employees needs to make combined efforts to get rid of this issue. Please contact us to review your company training requirements. Call: 905 672-3600 or connect with us at info@safetyfirsttraining.ca