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Aerial Lift Safety

Aerial Lift Safety

Using an aerial lift to reach places that are high up makes a job easy and efficient to complete. However, if you an inexperienced operator, your situation could quickly turn from easy and efficient to dangerous and deadly.

Here are 5 tips to help implement the safe use of aerial lifts

1. Document and develop all up to date policies and procedures regarding aerial lift hydraulics.
These polices get updated based on government policies, so ensure you check the Ministry of Labour website frequently in order to stay up to date.

2. Inspect and maintain your aerial lifts frequently
Routine inspection is the key to ensuring your aerial lifts run properly. Some of the most frequent accidents occur when operators get themselves stranded aloft because their machine was not inspected for malfunctions.

3. Does your aerial lift have an electric hydraulic override that works?
It is important to make sure that not only your override is working, but that your operators know how to use the override. The majority of newer models of aerial lifts have an electric hydraulic override installed.

4. Ensure you have an “evacuation kit†and a “self-rescue kitâ€
In some situations, these kits have potential to be more important than a first aid kit. New operators don’t realize how difficult it is to get stuck in an aerial lift and have no control of any controls. However, if you have a kit made for those situations, problems can be very easily avoided.

5. Get proper training for the equipment operators
Providing proper training for all operators is essential to safe operation of the aerial lifts. Ensuring they have the right knowledge of the law, how to move the machine and the rules makes for safe movement of the aerial lifts.

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