Safety Consulting Services

5 Steps for Ensuring Safety in the Workplace

Safety in the Workplace:

1. Store Materials Properly– If materials are stored incorrectly in the workplace, they could cause an injury to one person or the entire company. A common mistake workers make is storing ladders inside electrical closets where the ladder blocks the electrical panel and therefore, creates a fire hazard. Any equipment that is not being used by employees should be stored safely and securely in a storage unit.

2. Using Personal Protective Equipment and Tools

• Workers who do not use PPE when coming in contact with spills, broken glass or even plywood could suffer serious injury
• Wearing basic PPE can help prevent common workplace injuries. Things like closed toe shoes and safety glasses can help eliminate potential risks
• Ensure you regular inspect all equipment for any rips, tears or age
• Clean and fix tools when necessary; workplace tools will only last as long as you are taking care of them.

3. Determine Frequency
– Every single worker that is employed by your company should participate in housekeeping. This includes acts as simple as keeping their own work space tidy as well as reporting any spills they may see, even if they did not cause the spill. Before a worker’s shift ends, they should inspect their work area and clean anything necessary. This easy and simple dedication to the workplace can help reduce cleaning time later.

4. Create Written Rules

• If you keep housekeeping expectations and policies in writing, everyone will be aware of their individual duties.
• When you have a written policy, it allows employees to understand which tools, cleaners and methods should be used.
• If everyone has an assigned job, no area will get overlooked.

5. Think Long Term– Workplace safety is an ongoing process and nobody should have to handle it all on their own. Managers should monitor and maintain regular walkthroughs of all areas in the workplace in order to access the safety. Scheduling inspection times is an excellent way to ensure this gets done properly and on schedule. Most problems are very easy to fix, but maintenance is key.